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Louis founded Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc. in 1977 to provide dynamic sales, marketing and customer service training in the health care industry. He holds two masters degrees, in Social Work and English, and special graduate training in leadership and management from the University of Miami.  He is also the founder and creator of Our Comment Center.

Louis was a healthcare administrator, social worker, case manager and director of social work at a 1300 bed acute care facility. He was the director of professional development at one of the nation’s leading home care companies with more than 600 sales staff. His Guide to Quality Customer Service is the basis of all training for American Health Insurance Plans. He has presented the first industry full-day sales training program for the home care industry, worked with hospitals to improve their customer service and with medical device manufactures in their efforts to increase revenues and understand the needs of their customers.

Louis wrote the Sales Notebook column in Home Care Magazine and has published more than 300 articles on professional development issues. He has written regular columns in a long list of journals including The Case Manager and Continuing Care. Louis was also the sales and marketing advisor to the VGM Group, the largest association of medical equipment providers in the US and served on the National Review Committee for Health Quality Accreditation Association reviewing hundreds of surveyor reports each year for medicare approved healthcare providers.

He also published the book White Collar Stress which received special recognition at the American Bookseller Association.

Louis continues to help retail businesses, health care providers, manufacturers, real estate companies, non-profit corporations, financial institutions, and a long list of small and large businesses build their sales and gain new revenue streams.

He is best known for his customer service training. Thousands have taken his customer service courses either in person, via teleconference or through his text. Louis is the leading customer service expert in the industry and is a highly sought-after speaker when the need is to educate, entertain and motivate. Once you attend a Louis Feuer seminar, you will always remember it!


The Alzheimer's Foundation would like to thank you for such a wonderful, dynamic and realistic keynote address. Thank you again for a job well done. - Alzeimer's Foundation, Houston TX
Excellent and customary to expect a great job from Louis! - Beth Bowen, North Carolina Medical Equipment Service
What a great entertainer and educator you are! Thank you Louis for being who you are! - Gayla Sasser, TN Association for Home Care
Our attendees just loved you! - Susan Taylor, TN Bankers Association
Louis you were outstanding! In my 14 years in the workplace I doubt I have heard anyone as informative and entertaining. - Glen Cavallo, EPAffiliates