Louis creates programs that move participants to action with dynamic and insightful presentations that capture attention.


Louis provide education and insight regarding customer service, sales, marketing and professional development, having a true impact on your business.


Louis’s keynote presentations at conventions, corporate meeting and professional gathering are some of the most memorable of your event!

Let’s Meet Louis Feuer, MA, MSW

Louis is one of the nation’s most dynamic lecturers and educators in the area of sales, marketing, customer service and professional development. He has been called by conference attendees as the “reality presenter.” Telling you like it is and waking you up to the reality in your business – while offering strategies for personal and professional growth.

Louis was a healthcare administrator, social worker, case manager and director of social work at a 1300 bed acute care facility. He was the director of professional development at one of the nation’s leading home care companies with more than 600 sales staff. Louis presents some the most memorable programs for your company meeting, convention or professional gathering. His insight and humor will make all the difference.

His Guide to Quality Customer Service is the basis of all customer service training for American Health Insurance Plans. Louis has worked with a long list of healthcare corporation, medical manufacturers, banks, pharmaceutical companies and the list goes on.

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“Louis, the feedback from your programs were overwhelmingly positive and the attendees very much appreciated your personable presentations”

Marissa Cary

New York Community Health Care Services Foundation