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Take Me to the Top with Louis Feuer.  Louis does have a select group of training videos available for purchase on customer service and handling complaints. Call 954.838.7504 for more information.

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Louis Feuer, MA, MSW, internationally known lecturer, educator, trainer and motivator wants to help Take You to the Top  with his dynamic new online training and education series. Programs are full of strategies for business and professional success. Louis educates and motivates like no other speaker. Louis authored the customer service training text for American Health Insurance Plans, published more than 300 articles and for more than 35 years has lectured extensively throughout the US, Canada and Europe.There is no more cost-effective training option for your company. 18 lectures for $149.

  • Louis will be part of each of your orientation and sales training programs.
  • Louis will help you motivate your staff.
  • Now Louis is with you when you need him!

4 Dynamic Training Courses with more than 18 lectures. Unlimited Access at the unbelievable low cost of $399 with special large discounts for association members and companies needing many individual logins and passwords. You cannot afford to miss this training opportunity from one of the nation’s most dynamic presenters.

For the First Time 18 Online Videos by the Most Dynamic Educator in the Industry

Course 1: Customer Service that will Separate You From the Competition (6 sessions)

  • What is Quality Service?
  • Projecting Your Quality Brand
  • The Telephone as a Customer Service Tool
  • Personalizing Service in an Electronic Age
  • Quality Service as a Sales and Marketing Tool
  • Track, Monitor and Train for Quality Service

Course 2: Strategies for Handling Complaints (4 sessions)          

  • Complaints: Their Value and Importance
  • Prepare for the Storm
  • Identifying the Complaint and Handling the Apology
  • Strategies and Solutions to Avoid Complaints

 Course 3: Powerhouse Sales Presentations (4 sessions)

  • Pre-Call Planning for Your Next Sales Presentation
  • The Powerful Sales Presentation
  • The Customer Analysis
  • After the Call and the Post-Call Analysis

Course 4: Creative Marketing Strategies for Competitive Times (4 sessions)

  • Define Marketing and Understanding Your Marketplace
  • Focus on Market Segments
  • Creative Marketing Strategies
  • Evaluating Marketing Strategies

Louis provides a long list of speaking and training options from on-site education for sales, marketing and customer service professionals to your own personalized teleconference. Programs and consultations are offered on-site at your company location or through a series of phone consultations.

When there is need to improve customer service, build a more effective marketing plan, better manage the productivity of sales staff, seek new customers and referrals or to improve the quality of customer service, – Take Me to the Top with Louis Feuer is your best resource.


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What a great entertainer and educator you are! Thank you Louis for being who you are! - Gayla Sasser, TN Association for Home Care
Louis you were outstanding! In my 14 years in the workplace I doubt I have heard anyone as informative and entertaining. - Glen Cavallo, EPAffiliates
The Alzheimer's Foundation would like to thank you for such a wonderful, dynamic and realistic keynote address. Thank you again for a job well done. - Alzeimer's Foundation, Houston TX
Our attendees just loved you! - Susan Taylor, TN Bankers Association
Excellent and customary to expect a great job from Louis! - Beth Bowen, North Carolina Medical Equipment Service